THE NORTH West’s electricity provider has issued a rallying call to community groups over new energy projects.

Electricity North West wants Oldham residents to come forward and pitch ideas for schemes which would generate power or improve efficiency.

The organisation has already supported 13 schemes over the last 12 months, including a project to create hydro electricity in Cumbria and proposals by Oldham Community Power to put solar-powered displays up at four schools.

Last year, the provider announced £71,000 in grants was awarded to six community energy projects across the region.

Now, Helen Seagrave, Electricity North West’s community energy manager, wants more groups to come forward and take advantage of the knowledge and funds on offer.

She said: “To us, community energy means community-led projects or initiatives to reduce, manage, generate or purchase energy.

“Community energy projects focus on engagement and benefits to their local area and communities.

“The first 12 months has been very well received and we only want to build on this. We want to hear from more groups that have their own community energy projects. At Electricity North West, we have knowledge and expertise readily available.

“We are supportive of community energy and want to reach out and inform stakeholders about ourselves, what we do and how we can help.”

Electricity North West launched its annual Community Energy report at an annual conference at the end of June.

For more information, visit localenergy.