A UTILITY giant has offered reassurances to Saddleworth residents who had concerns over Dovestone Reservoir in the wake of the potential flooding drama at Whaley Bridge.

United Utilities manage the water assets at the Greenfield beauty spot and a spokesman said: “There is absolutely no cause for concern with Dovestone.

”We checked all our dams in the area immediately after the recent heavy rain and none give cause for concern at this time.

”We routinely inspect each dam every 48 hours, but we have increased the frequency to every 24 hours following the situation at Whaley Bridge.

“We also carry out additional inspections twice a year, and an independent inspection every 10 years.

“However, Dovestone is far newer than the one at Todbrook – it was built in the 1960s and is more robust.

"e have led the industry by using a reservoir risk tool for the last 10 years. It exceeds legal requirements and identifies issues well in advance, so they are resolved before they become a problem.”