PROTESTERS who scaled the fire-storey high roof at the Israeli-owned Ferranti Technologies factory in Waterhead a month ago say they are getting a positive response from local people.

Campaigners climbed on to the roof of the Greenacres Road factory claiming Ferranti's owners Elbit are making components for drones which drop bombs and carry out surveillance in Gaza.

Activists from the Manchester Palestine Action Group, Oldham Peace and Justice, Manchester and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine and Manchester Campaign Against the Arms Trade returned to the site on Monday (August 5) for a follow-up demonstration.

Police were in attendance, but the protest was peaceful.

Adie Mormeck, from the Manchester Palestine Action Group, was one of three rooftop protesters.

He said: "We've returned to continue to put over our message. This is our sixth action against Elbit.

"We have received phenomenal local support, including some ex-workers of Elbit. Our action has also received a million engagements on Twitter."

The other two rooftop protesters were Janet Hawkes and Sarah Simpson.

Ferranti has declined to comment on the action.