HOUSTON ... we have a problem - one of our spaceships has landed in Saddleworth’s most isolated village.

In tribute a the Apollo 11 astronauts' fabled moon landing of 50 years ago, a space probe has been dramatically brought to life at the front entrance of The Junction Inn, Denshaw.

And the beautifully constructed “Lander", wrapped in tin foil and complete with antenna and a ladder, has been welcomed by customers and passing travellers.

The spaceship, which incorporates a free standing bench and table, was built by pub landlady Christine Evans and incorporates bristling antenna.

It is part of a village-wide scarecrow initiative which linked the Denshaw flower show which takes place on August 31.

Over the coming days, a wide variety of colourful and creative handmade scarecrows will appear at key village sites and outside properties.

Said one local: “The spaceship tableau is a real eye-catcher. It brings a smile to everyone’s face. It is a real talking point among villagers and a great encouragement for villagers to come up with their own scarecrow ideas.

“Congratulations to Christine — she’s full of bright ideas,” he added.

George Powell, Saddleworth’s famed amateur astrologer, hosts weekly meetings for stargazing enthusiasts at the nearby village hall.

Speaking of the moon lander he quipped: “I reckon it’s Armstrong and Aldrin, running dangerously low on fuel eventually find the perfect spot to land.

“I think the Lander is great. It’s a really fitting tribute to one of humanities greatest achievements.”

And George added: “Without scientists, engineers and other skilled people from Manchester and the surrounding area, NASA would never have got astronauts on the moon.

“From the spacesuits they wore on the moon’s surface to fuel cells powering their journey, Manchester and the surrounding areas had a big hand in that — although I think NASA may have had a bigger budget for tin foil.

“When I first saw it I thought ‘Houston, you’ve had a problem’ your 250,000 miles away from you target...” it’s fitting when one of the first liquids drunk on the moon was alcohol, that a pub should do this.”

Meanwhile, Dr Andrew Vance, chair of the Village flower show committee , said: “Scarecrows can be seen hanging on lamp posts or loitering in the gardens and village green - all over Denshaw and environs.

“If you wish to enter and do not live in the village, then the green at the crossroads or around the village hall are perfect places to set up your display. There is no limit on what you can imagine.

“Denshaw residents have been amazing so far. Let’s see what you can create this year.”

Classes are divided into Judges Award, Village Vote winner, Family or Group award, and finally an Individual award and Doctor Vance urges entrants to register their scarecrow as soon as possible to boost voting.

Entrants should register scarecrows at the Junction Inn and bring 2 x A4 pictures so people visiting the pub can see entries and vote.