ARE you one of the beaming young faces in this picture, believed to have been taken in Alexandra Park in Oldham some time in the 1980s.

The photograph was taken by Geoff Davenport who was visiting his brother Eric in Dowry Street, Oldham, near the park.

The image was discovered by Eric, aged 71, among his brother's belongings after Geoff died in 2016.

In his working life, Geoff was chief librarian at the Royal College of Physicians in London and remained in the capital city following his retirement.

However, he was regular visitor at Eric's Oldham home.

Eric, who now lives in Shield Close, forwarded the mystery picture to The Oldham Times, in a bid to unit it with the then children in the picture.

He said: "They have probably never seen the picture. It appears that Geoff must've got chatting to them in the park and randomly taken the picture.

"I'm pretty sure it was taken in Alexandra Park and, from the clothes and hairstyles they have, it looks like the 1980s.

"They also look like members of the same family. It would be great to give them the picture."

If it's you in the picture, or you know who it is, please contact The Oldham Times by email at: