MORE than 800 speeding drivers have been caught be Greater Manchester Police as part of a national speed enforcement campaign.

The two-week-long campaign, which is targeting irresponsible and dangerous drivers in an effort to reduce collisions on the road, has snared 874 drivers.

Officers from GMP’s Roads Policing Unit have also been informing drivers of the risks of speeding to both themselves and other road users and have been encouraging drivers to obey speed limits and drive at speeds safe for the road environment.

The last Speed Enforcement Campaign took place in January where the highest number of motorists caught speeding via automated intervention was recorded since the April 2015 campaign.

Inspector Steve Bryant said: “Throughout the campaign we have been actively looking for anyone speeding in order to reduce the number of speeding-related incidents that take place on the road. The dangers of drink and drug driving are well-known, however many drivers forget the dangers of speeding. National figures released in April 2018 showed that 247 fatalities happened on the road as a result of excessive speeding. If you’re caught speeding the minimum penalty you will face is a £100 fine and three penalty points, and depending on your speed this can increase to 175% of your weekly salary and you could be disqualified from driving. Speed limits are enforced to protect you and other road users.”