OLDHAM'S Liberal Democrat group has launched a campaign to close a loophole which allows adults in authority to have sex with people above the age of consent - currently 16 or over.

They are backing a move by the NSPCC to change the law, which does not define adults in authority.

Oldham Lib Dem councillor Diane Williamson explained: “Teachers are currently covered by the law preventing sex between them and 16 and 17-year olds, but faith workers, youth workers and sports coaches are currently exempt.

“These are people who could potentially exploit young people for sex and there have been many cases where they have.”

The Liberal Democrats want Oldham Council and the mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham to be ahead of the curve, back the NSPCC campaign and urge the UK government to change the law.

Liberal Democrat collegue backing the proposal, Cllr Chris Gloster said: “Oldham Borough is sadly not exempt from child protection issues, and we should be at the forefront of ensuring that child protection is a key priority and where we can influence legislation to further protect some of our most vulnerable people, we must do so.

“This is an easy win for child liberty, all it takes is for Councils to urge the Government to change the law and close the loophole. Councils have received 653 complaints about adults who are not currently covered by the law having sex with children in their care. This needs to end now.

“We are bringing this to council to not only raise awareness on the issue but to ensure that no child is left behind because of shoddy law-making.”