A COUPLE committed to helping a community have received a prestigious Above and Beyond award.

The award, backed by Saddleworth ward councillors and the district executive, recognises villagers who go the extra mile to help neighbours or communities across Saddleworth.

Paul Clegg is the former chair of Dobcross Village Community Committee and his wife Pat maintains The Square and community garden all year round with a change for each season and edits and produces The Dobcross Diary, a valued community asset.

The award citation said: “The couple are both committed to helping the community... they are excellent winners.”

John Warham, DVC’s new chairman, presented the award to the surprised couple.

He said: “I was really pleased to be asked by the organisers of the Above and Beyond Award to make the Dobcross presentation to Pat and Paul Clegg, long serving members of the Dobcross Village Community.

“Their tireless efforts may go unnoticed by some but they undoubtedly have the interests and appearance of the village very high on their list of priorities.

“A pair of doers if ever I met one who seem embarrassed by any praise heaped upon them. Very deserving of this award.”

Paul Clegg said: “Pat and I were surprised but extremely pleased to here we had won one of the coveted Above & Beyond awards.

“Dobcross village has many residents who put the village and other people before themselves so it is a special honour to be recognised in this way.

“Thank you to whoever put our names forward and thank you to the judges for their decision; our trophy and certificate have pride of place place.”

Do you know an unsung champion who deserves special recognition for quietly helping someone or a community? Send your nomination for an award to Ken Bennett at:kd_bennett@yahoo.co.uk or call: 07802 966922 for a confidential chat.