A DEVASTATED mum-of-two who found her husband dead has urged men to seek help for their mental health in the wake of his tragic suicide.

A 47-year-old man ‘who would do anything for anybody’ hanged himself in April after a secret, lifelong battle with depression and suicidal thoughts, a Bolton inquest heard yesterday.

Sarah Clamp and her young child were met with horror when they came home in the middle of the day to find husband and dad, David, dead. The shattering discovery was made three years to the day of his own mother’s death.

Mrs Clamp had pleaded with her partner of 14 years to seek help for depression after noticing he was struggling with dark thoughts — something which he never did.

Mr Clamp, a painter and decorator, had been battling mental health issues since his late teens and early 20s attempting suicide twice in the 1990s, the inquest heard.

But his mental health concerns resurfaced early this year following the breakdown of his marriage in January.

He once again began making shocking admissions to family members that he wanted to kill himself in the months leading up to his death.

Mr Clamp even attempted to hang himself only two weeks before the fatal incident, but was found and stopped by his wife just in time.

The troubled dad continued to show suicidal signs and in a heartbreaking final text to his wife the night before his body was discovered, Mr Clamp told her that “he would not be a problem any more”.

By the time he was found the next day, at around 1.45pm, it was understood by the ambulance team that he had been dead for some time.

The Oldham Times:

Mrs Clamp said in a statement: “I picked up the children from school and went home. I saw his car on the drive, which I thought was unusual. I opened the door and saw David. I ran out of the house.”

Coroner Rachel Syed returned a conclusion of suicide and praised Ms Clamp for her dignity during ‘unthinkable’ circumstances, she spoke directly to Ms Clamp saying: “I hope that you and your children get some closure and start to rebuild your lives.”

Following the inquest, Mrs Clamp said: “I’m in shock, there are some things I have just found out in the inquest. He has left two children behind.

“He would do anything for anybody, he was a lovely man. He just wouldn’t do that one thing for himself.”

Mrs Clamp is a medical secretary and says she feared that Mr Clamp was suffering with severe depression: “I just knew it. I should have dragged him to A&E by his ears. I work in mental health and unfortunately I was not able to help my husband.”

For the mum-of-two, there is hope lives may be saved if lessons are learned from her husband’s death. She said: “If there’s one thing that comes out of this it’s that if you’re struggling, go and get the help you need.

“Especially men, it can affect everyone of course, but men are less likely to ask for help and talk about their mental health. If your wife tells you to go to the doctor, go. Don’t think the problem will just go away — that goes out to everyone.”