A TEAM of heroic firefighters have brought a family's dog back to life after it was trapped in a smokelogged house.

The crew from Chadderton station brought the dog round after rescuing it from a crate in the kitchen where the fire had started at 2.30am today (Tuesday, October 29).

The 39-year-old woman occupant of the semi-detached home in Whetstone Hill Road, Derker had escaped the blaze, but was unable to get back in to get the mongrel dog called Tizzy because of the thickness of the smoke.

Green watch firefighter Andrew Kremner said: "We entered the house with two crew wearing breathing apparatus and carried out a full search of the house.

"We found the dog in a crate in the kitchen and took her outside. A first she was unresponsive, but we managed to get an oxygen bag on her and got her breathing againm, but it took quite a long time. It was a happy ending for the dog, the owner and ourselves."

The fire is believed to have started accidentally after clothes for washing had been left on the hob.

Green watch crew members who took part in the rescue, apart from Andrew were crew manager Alex McClurg, and firefighters Daniel Giblin, Samuel Merriott, and Paul Hoey.