OLDHAM’S mayor, Councillor Ginny Alexander is “taking a short break” from her arduous duties after major surgery.

Cllr Alexander, wife of former Saddleworth West and Lees councillor Adrian Alexander, consort last May.

Revealing her decision on social media to step back from her duties temporarily, she said: “I am extremely saddened to announce that I will be forced to take a short break from my mayoral duties.

“On Thursday, October 24, I underwent major surgery. I cannot praise the wonderful staff of our beloved NHS enough, and I am so grateful and proud of the team of doctors and nurses that facilitated this operation.

“I am glad to say that everything went really well with the surgery, and I was discharged in the late hours of Thursday night.

“I came to the conclusion that it would be best to try and rest as much as possible on the Friday as we had our ‘Spooky Saturday’ event at Spindles.

“My husband and consort Adrian did a marvellous job of looking after me while I began my journey to recovery. I am so appreciative to him for his constant support.

“Unfortunately, I think I may have overdone it during Saturday’s event as in the days following I have been really quite ill.

“I visited my GP and the doctor’s orders are that I must take a break from my mayoral duties to allow time for rest and recovery.

“I cannot apologise enough to the citizens and organisations whose events I will not be able to attend during my recovery period.

“If I had the choice, I would be with you in a heartbeat, but I must allow myself this time to rest so I can continue in my capacity as Mayor until the end of my term.

“I hope you can understand my need for a short break from my duties. I look forward to continuing my role as your Mayor when I have fully recovered.”