Electronic signs that warn motorists when they are driving too fast around Oldham are broken or ‘faulty’ because there is currently no cash to repair them, a councillor has claimed.

A meeting of the full council was told that there is a review ongoing into the various ‘vehicle activated speed signs’ around the borough.

But council leader Sean Fielding told councillors that he was ‘hopeful’ to be able to allocate funding for repairs.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Saddleworth West and Lees, Sam Al-Hamdani asked bosses for an update as the outcome of the review could see some of the signs taken away.

He said: “I’m sure you’re aware at the moment there is currently no budget to replace or repair vehicle activated speed signs which means those signs are not working throughout the borough or are faulty.

“A review of the future of those that were either funded by elected members or through their ward budgets through a speed reduction scheme is also being undertaken which might result in those signs being removed.” 

Vehicle activated sign is a generic term for a type of road traffic sign which displays a message conditional upon the presence, or speed, of a road vehicle.

Coun Fielding, who represents Failsworth East, said he was happy to answer the question as it was an ‘important issue’.

“It’s true there is an ongoing piece of work around vehicle activated speed signs, I have some in my ward that are in a state of disrepair and I am waiting for that work to be completed as well,” he said.

“I recognise how important it is for people across the borough and those were installed for a reason in the first place, so I would assume that the reason for their original installation still stands today.

“I’m hopeful to be able to allocate some funding towards the repair of those signs once it is identified which ones should be retained.”

But he added councillors could submit bids to the central £500k ‘local improvement fund’ ‘should they wish to repair something pending that work being undertaken’.