If you're buying any of your child's Christmas presents from Amazon this year, and have an Alexa device in the home, you'll need to watch out for spoilers.

Because if you're an Amazon Prime customer and have notifications turned on, the robot assistant might blurt out Santa's secrets to anyone in the house.

When a delivery is in transit, the voice-activated device glows yellow - and if anyone asks Alexa why, she will be more than happy to tell them.

"Your order, including Nintendo Switch Lite Portable Gaming Console, will be delivered today..."

Doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

The Oldham Times:

If this ring turns yellow, beware of spoilers.

Thankfully, the feature can be turned off - and here's how.

Turning off notifications

You'll need to do this from the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. In the app, go to the main menu, then Settings > Notifications > Amazon Shopping.

From here you can turn off notifications , and there is also a setting that lets you keep receiving delivery notifications without Alexa saying exactly what is being delivered.

Phew - Christmas isn't cancelled just yet...