PROFESSOR Richard Knowles, an honorary professor at The University of Salford, has won the prestigious Academic Title of the Year Award 2019 by Choice Magazine.

Richard, who has his roots firmly in Oldham, has held the role of local councillor for 36 years as well as being a leader at the council for three years.

The book, which he is the co-author and editor, Transit Oriented Development and Sustainable Cities, is highly recommended for graduate students and professionals interested in carbon emissions and sustainable transport alternatives.

Choice is widely read by academies in the US with the award giving international recognition to title that will be part of an exhibit at the American Library Association’s Midwinter Conference in January 2020.

Professor Knowles said: “I am really delighted that our research into Transit Oriented Development (TOD) has received such distinguished international recognition. TOD is a key process in making cities more sustainable and is becoming very important in many countries across the world. The award recognises our research and contribution to this highly debated topic affecting cities around the world.”

Professor Richard Knowles