OLDHAM has been named in the top 20 best town's or cities for remote workers, according to a new study.

The data by Pooky reveals the best and worst towns or cities for creative professionals to work based on salaries, accessibility and affordability in 100 locations across the UK.

The findings revealed that Oldham is one of the most affordable places for freelancers to rent office space with local workers spending £6 per day for one person. Rochdale, Bolton and Manchester all ranked more expensive for remote workers.

The average price of office space per person, per day was £5.70 in Wigan, £5.90 in Blackburn, £6 in Oldham £6.10 in Rochdale, Bolton and Stockport and £6.30 in Manchester.

Oldham is far more affordable than some of the UK’s most expensive cities paying 43 per cent less than London workers and 60 per cent less than those living in Slough.

Freelancers working in Manchester may want to consider relocating to Oldham as on average, professionals in the UK’s third largest city spend an eye-watering £110 extra per year on office space.

Oldham offers a higher salary for some of the most in demand creative jobs in the UK. The average salary for product designers and architects is on average between £5,088 and £6,338 more than for those based in Manchester.

Top 10 most expensive UK cities for remote workers are London at £14 day, Sough at £9.80, Woking £7.50, Guildford £7.20, Cambridge £7, Northampton £7, Oxford £6.80, St Albans £6.80, Peterborough £6.80, and High Wycombe £6.80.

Oldham also ranked as the number one town with the most coffee shops perfect for remote workers who want a change of scenery.

There are a whopping 193 per 10,000 people compared to Bolton just 20 miles away with just 57.1 per capita.