POLICE are still trying to trace 70 victims of a serial rapist who filmed himself attacking his victims after drugging them at his home in Manchester.

Reynhard Sinaga, aged 36 and of no fixed address, was yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of 159 counts of sexual offences against 48 different men.

He will serve a minimum of 30 years before being considered for release.

The sentencing - which took place at Manchester Crown Court – comes at the conclusion of four separate trials.

The earlier trials were unable to be publicised due to reporting restrictions that were put in place to protect the integrity of the ongoing legal proceedings.

During the course of each trial, the court heard how Sinaga would target men who were alone and potentially vulnerable before approaching them in the street.

Sinaga would then strike up a conversation with his intended victim, before convincing them to come back to his home under false pretences, taking advantage of their trusting nature.

Once inside he would offer them a drink which would contain a substance – believed to be GHB – that would render them unconscious.

With his victim unconscious, Sinaga would rape and sexually assault the men whilst filming his horrific acts.

The offences, which are believed to have taken place between 2005 and 2017, only came to light in June 2017 when one of his victims woke up during one of the sickening attacks and fought him off.

After the incident was reported to police, the scale of his offending soon became apparent and he was swiftly arrested and charged before being remanded into custody.

Including the men that Sinaga has been found guilty of attacking, the investigation team found evidence linking over 190 potential victims to him.

Although the majority of these victims have been identified and provided with specialist support from St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) and Survivors Manchester, there remain around 70 who have not yet been identified and detectives are keen to speak with them to ensure they have any support needed.

The Oldham Times: Reynhard Sinaga's bedroomReynhard Sinaga's bedroom

Assistant Chief Constable Mabs Hussain, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “Reynhard Sinaga is a depraved individual, who targeted potentially vulnerable men that he had spotted walking on their own after a night out.

“He would strike up a conversation with them before leading them back to his flat under a false premise and drugging them before subjecting them to sickening abuse, all the while recording the attacks as they took place.

“Not much was known about Reynhard Sinaga prior to his final victim telling police of his ordeal and he had never previously come to the attention of GMP with regards to any criminal incidents.

“To the rest of the world he came across as an engaged member of society who was studying for a PHD qualification and had a small circle of law-abiding friends that he would socialise with.

"However beneath that façade was a serial sex offender, who we now believe to be Britain’s most prolific rapist. The fact that he was able to cover-up his true nature for so long, just serves as further evidence of his calculating criminal nature.

Many victims were not sure what had happened to them until they received a visit from the police.

Chief Constable Hussain paid tribute to the victims who have been identified from the videos taken by Sinaga. 

He added: “I can only imagine how devastating this news must have been for them but the bravery that these men have shown in engaging with officers and support workers in an effort to come to terms with what happened is nothing short of incredible.

“Many of these men have stood up in court and provided evidence, which detailed the significant impact these offences have had on their lives. We appreciate this can be a daunting experience and it truly does take a lot of courage to stand up in court and tell your story."

What you can do if you think you have been a victim

If you have been affected by this case or believe that you may have been a victim of Reynhard Sinaga, then please contact police or specialist support agencies using the contact details below.

All reports made to police will be fully investigated and Greater Manchester is nationally recognised as a model of good practice in terms of support services available to victims.

Reports relating to Reyhard Sinaga can also be made online via the Major Incident Public Portal: https://mipp.police.uk/operation/06GMP19V24-PO2 

If you wish to speak to police and make a report relating to Reynhard Sinaga, then please contact: 0800 092 0410 (calls made from within the UK) / 0207158 0124 (international calls).

If you have been affected by this case and would like to seek support from specialist agencies, then please contact: 0800 056 0154 (calls made from within the UK) / 0207158 0011 (international calls).