SUPER knitters have created more than 2,000 colour-coded traffic light hats for babies born at the Royal Oldham Hospital.

Staff midwife on the labour ward Kathryn Lewis called into Weir Knit and Natter, which meets at the Doals Community Centre in Weir, Rossendale, to collect the latest batch - more than 250.

When babies leave the labour ward, each is given their own little hat - with a red, yellow or green pom pom or band to indicate the level of monitoring needed once when they get onto the ante-natal unit.

Kathryn, who lives in Weir, said: “Because a baby loses lots of heat very quickly the first thing we do it to put a hat on the baby’s head.

“The mothers love them and they get to keep the hats, they then go into the baby’s memory box. We are very grateful to the ladies for knitting the hats and we know the parents are appreciative too.”

Hats are created not just by the knitters, but other crafters like Barbara Quail who provides a ready supply of pompoms.

Knitz at Fitz members, a knitting group that meets at Fitzpatrick’s in Rawtenstall, also contributed to the hat collection

Chair of Weir Knit and Natter Glynis Page said: “We have been knitting these for just over two years in response to a request from Kathryn. We have also made similar hats for another hospital. The group is always happy to respond to requests. The baby hat is a very simple pattern that the ladies can follow easily.”

The group was presented with a box of tea and coffee and biscuits from the hospital as a thank you.


Knit and Natter members and the mountain of baby hats, far left Staff Midwife on the Labour Ward Kathryn Lewis and far right chair of Weir Knit and Natter Glynis Page.