AS people start to adapt to social distancing and self-isolation – more and more people are now choosing to get their newspapers delivered.

If you want to get The Oldham Times direct to your doorstep, you can sign up to our direct delivery service.

Editor Karl Holbrook said: "We are living in unprecedented times. None of us has seen anything like the coronavirus pandemic before. As the Prime Minister said: we are facing the worst public health crisis in a generation.

"But together, this newspaper and its readers have come through some of the greatest threats to society ever recorded and if we continue to stick together, we will come through this, too.

"We know that for you, having a constant feed of reliable news and information that you trust is vital, and this is our commitment to you: whatever happens, we will be there for you. There to help you make sense of the situation. There to steer you towards any help you might need. There to offer reassurance and a calm, steady hand."

There is a freephone number to call or you can also e-mail us to arrange delivery.

You can e=mail us at or call us on 0800 781 4754.