WORLD champion whistler Dave Morris has taken social media by storm after his live, poignant rendition of You Raise Me Up went into orbit on social media.

Dave, who lives in a former historic bank in Dobcross village square, gave his emotional performance after a request from neighbours Carl and Donna Hutchins.

Said Donna: “The tune was dedicated to the NHS and all our frontline workers. It was fantastic. Thanks Dave that was very moving.”

Currently, Dave is whistling a TV commercial for TSB, Henry’s Theme, named after the bank’s founder, Henry Duncan.

He said: “It was a pleasure to contribute to the nations appreciation for the whole if the NHS.

“I’m deeply touched by the response from scores of of people who have commented after seeing the performance on social media, “ he declared.

The ultra-talented virtuoso landed two roles in major film and TV productions to display his extraordinary talents.

And as part of his successful musical career Dave is featured on the soundtrack of "The Shape of Water," starring Michael Shannon and Octavia Spencer.

He was booked directly by the London Symphony Orchestra to whistle the film's compelling main theme and five other pieces..

And, Dave whistled the theme and reoccurring tune for a 13-part anthology, "Creeped Out", a co-production between Salford-based CBBC Productions and DHX Media.

His TV success began after he recorded "The Post Horn Gallop" as the backing track to a TV commercial heralding the arrival of the latest BMW Mini.

His impressive 60-second musical serenade ignited a worldwide TV and Internet audience -- making him a hot new property in the advertising world.

And next Thursday at 8pm,while Britain claps the NHS, he plans to whistle another emblematic tune, You’ll Never Walk Alone, from a podium in Dobcross.

“It’s very eerie playing to an empty square in lockdown but wonderful many people are hearing the tunes,” he added.

David has recorded five CDs, check: