WELCOME to a new feature in the Oldham Times, a full page of pictures taken by members of our new camera club.

One thing the lockdown has led to is more of us taking walks in and around Oldham and many of you will have your cameras and phones with you.

To join the camera club couldn’t be simpler - just search for Oldham Times Camera Club on Facebook and ask to join. It’s free and you can upload your pictures for fellow members to see.

And every week we will be selecting some of the best ones to feature in the Oldham Times.

From spectacular sunsets to iconic buildings in and around Oldham, the wonders of nature or great views, the subject matter is up to you. You might just see something quirky you want to share or spot something in the garden.

So if you’ve caught the photography bug recently or have always been a keen photographer, now’s your chance to share some of your pictures and possibly have them featured in the Oldham Times too.

There is so much to celebrate in and around Oldham that you won’t be struggling to find some great subject matter.

So join the camera club and help us record some of the wonders of the area.