LANDSCAPE painter Diana Terry was determined not to be beaten when the coronavirus compelled her to change her regime.

So the dynamic artist from Diggle set up a studio at home ... and captured stunning images from her front window.

She said: "Magnolia was in full bud and on my daily permitted walks there were fabulous displays of blossoming trees - apple, cherry, almond in peoples garden and wild rowan, brambles, and thorn bushes.

“I often paint wild moorland because it’s on my doorstep but now I was challenged with gorgeous riotous colour. I developed a style to suit using collage as well as acrylic paint.”

And since then, her own world has has blossomed because Arts Council England awarded her an emergency grant which included an extra part for her hearing disability.

The distinguished Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester s foremost independent art galleries who work with progressive and emerging artists, have asked her to be part of an exhibition of work done in lockdown which is opening this month..

“Throughout this time I’ve been involved with Inspire Women Oldham and have had the privilege of hosting some Zoom art sessions,” she added.

“These have been to offer an escape to natural places to inspire the imagination and take virtual trips to the woods, the sea and to look beyond our own backyard.”

They will continue through summer until such time the group can resume their meetings in their venue at Barn Street, Oldham.