RESIDENTS of an Oldham street say a development of two houses has caused flooding in a back street behind their homes where they garage and park their cars.

And as a result, they say they are being forced to wade through pools of water whenever it rains.

They claim that the builder who completed the semi-detached properties in Broadbent Road, Watersheddings, has not carried out what they say was a verbal pledge to restore the back street to its former state, after the housing work had been completed.

People living in Jowett Street, adjacent to where the new homes are located, say heavy plant machinery, and tracked vehicles had churned up the back alley while work was taking place.

Trevor and Beryl Widdop, aged 76 and 77 respectively, have one of two garages opening on to the street.

He said he had a conversation with the developer Prestigious Homes, of which Rowan Ashworth, based at Burn Farm on Blackstones Road, is a director, while work was taking.

Mr Widdop added: “Mr Ashworth told me they would restore the back street to its former state.

"Before the development started, the back street never flooded.

"Now it does every time it rains. Some loose hardcore was put down, but it does not prevent the flooding.

“I have contacted him repeatedly but he seems unwilling to do it.”

When The Oldham Times approached Mr Ashworth for comment, he said: “The back street is no different now to how it was before.

"The street is owned by First Choice Homes Oldham, you should talk to them.”

It is understood that the new homes in question have now been sold for around £120,000 each

Other neighbours of Mr Widdop’s are also angry about the effects of flooding for the back street.

David Murgatroyd, 50, who walks with the aid of two crutches because of a spine problem, said: “When it rains, it’s like a quagmire.

"Before the development started the back street had gravel, which was heavily compacted.

“When it rained, the water drained away. After the work was completed, they put some stones down, but they weren’t compacted. It’s a very poor job.”

Another neighbour not happy with the alley situation is Gary Heap, 54, who works as a truck driver.

He told the Oldham Times: “It looks hardcore has just been put down from another job.

"The pieces are too big and they stick to the wheels of vehicles. It needs a proper job doing.”

But the housing company First Choice said the work was carried out "to a good standard", after an inspection was conducted.

Heidi Thompson, executive director of homes and investment at First Choice Homes, said: “We’ve been in dialogue with Mr Widdop regarding the piece of First Choice Homes owned land between Jowett Street and Broadbent Road and his concerns about flooding.

“The land was used as an access route by private developers during the construction of two homes nearby.

"Following the buildings’ completion, new stone was laid by the developer to even out the land surface and make it better for the residents.

“A member of our team has visited the site to inspect the work and we are satisfied that it has been carried out to a good standard, which we have discussed with Mr Widdop.”