A RESCUE helicopter joined 30 dedicated volunteers from mountain rescue teams after reports two women were injured on moors above Oldham.

Initially, Oldham Mountain Rescue Team was contacted by police asking for assistance with the location of a female walker who was lost on moors at Holme Clough on Saddleworth moor.

PhoneFind technology helped identify the exact location and OMRT leader Rob Tortoishell, said: "A conversation with the missing female established she was accompanied by another female, and they both had sustained leg injuries which meant they could not walk.

“We dispatched a hasty party and soon had personnel on scene, who made the assessment that due to the remote nature of the site and the fact there were two casualties, a helicopter extraction would be the preferred option.

“While the Coastguard helicopter was being organised, our neighbouring team, Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team, were contacted with a request for manpower in case the helicopter couldn't make it.

“Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team were also asked to put their team on standby for what would have been a long double stretcher carry.

“Fortunately, the Coastguard were able to allocate an aircraft and the two casualties were airlifted to Huddersfield for further assessment and treatment.”

He added: "Thanks once again to our neighbouring teams and to Maritime and Coastguard Agency for the assistance.”

The rescue, which involved 18 OMRT members, nine from Holme Valley and three from WMRT, lasted nearly four hours.

Earlier, OMRT were contacted via Greater Manchester Police after a member of the public was concerned for a young lamb which had become stuck in a crevice in a quarry at Running Hill Pits, near the Cross Keys, Uppermill.

After nearly two hours of persuasive coaxing by four team members the lamb, nicknamed "Dave Junior" after mountain team rescuer Dave Wyatt who lead the operation, came out of his hiding to safety.

“Not all casualties are willing to accept our help,” quipped Rob. “As soon as he was free, the lamb ran off into the distance to his mum, with barely a backward glance or word of thanks.”