FIREFIGHTERS have hailed the quick actions of a neighbour who threw a wet towel over a blazing pan of oil to prevent a kitchen major kitchen blaze last night (Tuesday, June 23).

Drama unfolded at the terraced house in Thurland Road, Clarksfield, shortly before midnight as food was being prepared at the home of a family of five.

A spokesman at Oldham fire station said: "They must've briefly left the the kitchen before the oil ignited on the stove.

"The five people evacuated the house, but alerted the neighbour who had the presence of mind to throw the wet towel over the pan, which has saved the kitchen and the house from much greater damage.

"We would not normally advocate people tackling fires themselves, but his actions have saved the kitchen and the house from much greater damage."

He said that the crew would be returning to the home to fit smoke alarms to the house and to other homes in Thurland Road as part of a follow-up procedure.