CAMPAIGNERS in Oldham have collected more than £70,000 for people in war-torn Yemen.

Sixty volunteers have been involved in a series of fundraisers to aid people blighted by the civil war in the West Asian nation.

An initial target of £25,000 was set but with donations flooding in from all over the UK, along with the US, Pakistan and South Africa, the appeal was widened.

Each of the volunteers was set a £250 target, through a Give Brite funding platform scheme. But two of their number even managed to collect £10,000 apiece during five days of intense activity.

Project manager Mansur Ahmed said, "We started this campaign aiming to raise £25,000 but instead managed to raise an amazing £70,000.

"We witnessed human beings coming together for such a worthy cause which was truly amazing."

Imran Asghar a local dentist, added: "Raising these funds shows what a small number of sincere people can achieve in aiding our fellow human beings.

"The world is sitting by while children are resorting to eating grass due to hunger.

"Please take a moment to research the disaster in Yemen and inform others about it.”

Their contributions are being handed over to One Nation, a charity which has been working in Yemen for more than three years.

They provide food packs which feed a family for a whole month. Food packs cost only £25.

Those who still want to play a part can go online and donate to the cause at Oldham2

Four million Yemenis are said to have been displaced by the fighting and the coronavirus pandemic is causing further hardships.