FIVE community-focused youngsters embraced a challenge set by their village school and organised a litter pick around parkland in Lydgate and Grotton.

The five, who join Saddleworth School in September from St Annes CofE Lydgate, rose to the challenge as part of the schools "Vision of Hope Challenge".

One of the five, Millie Foster, said: "We were chatting one day and wondering what to do when Alice Winfield came up with the idea of a litter pick."

This cane after hearing reports from local residents on social media a couple of the girls favourite hangouts were starting to look a mess with litter.

So, backed with support from the local community and Oldham Council, the team, armed with litter pickers, set off on a wet afternoon collecting rubbish and litter from around the villages.

Millie said:"We collected lots of crisp packets, drinks bottles and dog poo bags which was pretty disgusting, we even found a lost iphone later reunited with its grateful owner. “

And the girls declared that despite taking a soaking, moral was high and thry were glad to be able to support their local community.