RULING Labour councillors have warned that the government’s determination to tear up planning rules risks giving the green light to unscrupulous developers to build poor quality homes in Oldham

They point to a report produced by the government which has shown that its own policy increases the chances of substandard homes being built.

The Labour group councillors means the homes would be: Smaller than they should be; fail to cater to different household sizes; will not have adequate natural light; no access to open space and may be too close to industrial units

But they say, despite this, and despite condemnation from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the Chartered Institute of Building, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Royal Town Planning Institute, the government "seems determined" to proceed with the plans.

Cllr Hannah Roberts, cabinet member for housing at Oldham Council, has now added her voice to calls to pause plans to expand permitted development rights.

Cllr Roberts said: “Every Oldham resident deserves a home that is affordable and meets their needs.

"Frustratingly, the Government seems determined to instead help out their developer friends to build homes that are too small, dark and poorly placed, while removing democratic accountability. Some so called studios are less that 16 square metres – the floorspace of a Ministerial limousine.

“Last week we passed a motion confirming that we will do everything possible to ensure homes in Oldham are large enough, and have access to natural light.

"The government plans will mean poor quality homes are built despite local objections.

"Oldham’s Labour Council will be investing in decent quality homes as part of Creating a Better Place but what is really needed from government is help to increase the number of homes for social rent not fly by night conversions.”