A "CELEBRITY" guard dog was part of a security operation that thwarted a planned rave at a famous beauty spot at the weekend.

Odin was one of five canary mastiffs belonging to a private security firm who patrolled farm roads with three specially trained handlers near Dovestone Reservoir, Greenfield and helped disperse more than 40 "ravers".

The dog which had been rescued from Spain, has appeared in The Game of Thrones and King Arthur.

Earlier, teams of police backed by an eight-strong task force of Dovestone marshals prevented a large-scale planned illegal gathering taking place.

“No one knows where the ‘ravers’ went,” a farmer said. “They just vanished into the night. But we would have no hesitation in bringing the dogs in again if we get any more information about illegal raves in the area.”

The canary mastiff is a rare large Molosser-type originally bred for working livestock. The name of the breed is Spanish, means "Canarian catch dog,”and is often shortened to "Presa Canario" or simply "Presa.”

Greater Manchester Police officers initially moved into the area after their Force Intelligence Unit identified the issue and, working alongside Oldham Council and United Utilities, a number of access routes in the area were closed to prevent the event from occurring.

The operation has carefully monitored any planned rave-style events following serious disorder linked to raves in Oldham and Carrington in June.

Chief Inspector Claire Galt said: “I’d like to thank the support of the public as we continue to investigate and prevent these gatherings. Such events are illegal; their organisers irresponsible and events like this have in the past been linked to serious violent disorder and drugs use.

“Unfortunately, due to the selfish actions of those who sought to stage this event, the people of Oldham will see several access points in the Dovestones area cordoned off this weekend. However, it is for everyone’s safety that we have taken today’s positive action and I’d like to thank the public for their patience.”

On Sunday, the main car park at Dovestone at Binn Green was reported full from 10am despite the inclement weather.

Anyone with information on planned illegal events is urged to contact police on 101. Reports can also be made anonymously to the independent Charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.