A FOOD and drink delivery service has been launched to for households in the Saddleworth area.

Steve Claxton, who lives in the area, has founded Pennine.SaucedHere.co.uk in a bid to provide an easy-to-use service to residents.

He said: “Sauced Here Pennine was created to showcase the best food and drink suppliers in the region. Recent events have seen a huge increase in the popularity of smaller local businesses, and we want people to continue to conveniently enjoy the amazing produce available on our doorstep.”

The service is making plenty of delivery slots available for all, during daytime and evening hours, as well as at weekends. All delivery fees have been removed for those in need and these will be kept free of charge for as long as possible.

Steve added: “Supporting local farmers and businesses is really important, especially with an impending national recession. Our online solution can extend the reach of these enterprises and give people a chance to easily contribute to local businesses.”

Little Owl Farm is a well-known Saddleworth visitor attraction offering a unique opportunity to meet a selection of animals and enjoy home-cooked café food.

Owners John Beck and Cindy Bramhall said in a combined statement: “When the lockdown started we diversified and found a way to provide a service which alleviates the stress and helped to minimise contact by offering a door stop delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables. Sauced Here Pennine offers a convenient way for even more people to enjoy fresh produce, as part of a full weekly shop.”

McLintock’s Dairy is also a well established Pennine local family enterprise.

Rob McLintock said: “We have found that there is a renewed interest in doorstep milk and dairy deliveries. The milk is recognised by customers for tasting great, and being sourced locally from grass fed cows without needing to be transported over many miles. We are always keen to work with local businesses and the Sauced Here Pennine service is encouraging this local co-operation.”