LIBERAL Democrat opposition leader on Oldham Council has written to Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham urging him to "get tougher" on Covid-19 regulation flouters.

Cllr Howard Sykes wants a greater police presence on local streets and trams.

He said that, like many of his constituents, he is getting increasingly annoyed and frustrated at seeing the actions of a "selfish few", who are "frequently and flagrantly" flouting the regulations on social distancing and the requirement to wear face coverings on public transport and in shops and takeaways.

Cllr Sykes said: “Individuals acting in this manner are endangering themselves and others around them and may well be aiding the transmission of this deadly illness.

"We need to everyone to understand that compliance with the regulations is not only a legal requirement, but also necessary to get this disease under control.

"We have had education and most people have understood, but a reckless minority are ignoring the law and now is the time when we need enforcement.

"I have asked Mayor Burnham to get tough and ensure we have an effective and active police presence in our communities and on public transport to punish those offenders who will not comply.”