RESIDENTS in a small development of large houses are being asked to foot the bill to repair a perimeter wall in in danger of collapsing.

The cracked and bulging wall on Roundthorn Road near its junction with Aspull Street is at the rear of the houses built on the site of the old Roundthorn Primary School about 10 years ago.

Steel fencing has been erected and footpath has been closed by Oldham Council as amid fears pedestrians and even motorists could be seriously injured if the wall gives way.

The Roxbury and Roundthorn Residents Association has enlisted the help St Mary's ward Independent Councillor Aftab Hussain to resolve the issue.

The properties were constructed by Greenstone Construction Ltd, run by Qumar Zaman, of Queens Road, Oldham.

Mr Zaman refused to comment on the problem when approached by The Oldham Times.

The residents' association secretary Lisa Woolfenden said: "A dangerous looking crack appeared in the wall about two years ago.

"The about six or seven weeks ago, there was another bulge in the wall.

"That's when we contacted Cllr Hussain and that resulted in area being fenced off to the public."

Cllr Hussain said he had been in contact with the residents of the recently-built properties in what is School House Road.

"They have been told that it is the responsibility of the owners to sort the problem out. Some of the residents are willing to pay, but others are not."

A spokesperson for Oldham Council said: “Oldham Council has been working closely with residents to resolve the issue with this perimeter wall for around 12 months.

"We initially provided advice but following concerns over the stability of the wall, we closed the footway for safety reasons in July.

“The wall is in private ownership and the responsibility of the repair works falls to those owners.

“We have liaised closely with them to resolve the issue but the wall currently remains unsafe.

“We have a duty to protect the public and re-open the footway. We have therefore advised the owners of the wall that Oldham Council will undertake the repairs and recover costs from them for the works. Repairs are expected to begin in early November.

“We will continue to work closely with all those affected.”