AN Oldham man who waved around a meat cleaver during a domestic disturbance has been jailed for eight months.

Joshua Wilson, 29, had called several family members, while looking after a small child, saying he was going to self-farm, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

One of the people who was alerted, Adrian Taylor, rushed to the property in Oldham, to see what he could do, the court was told.

Paul Treble, prosecuting, said: “He was aware that the defendant was intoxicated and in fairness he himself had had a drink.”

The court heard when Mr Taylor got to the house he was met by the defendant’s brother in the living room, who indicated that Wilson was still upstairs.

Mr Taylor shouted an insult up the stairs, which was said to have provoked Wilson.

The defendant came downstairs and it was apparent he had something behind his back, the court was told.

Mr Treble said this later turned out to be a meat cleaver or machete-style knife, with a blade of between six to 10 inches.

Wilson approached Mr Taylor and demanded to know why he had been insulted, the court heard.

Mr Taylor told other people in the house to clear the area as the police had already been called.

Later Mr Taylor told police he was afraid of what Wilson would do. Wilson walked past him and dropped the cleaver. But he then turned back and ran towards Mr Taylor, who thought he was going to be attacked.

The court heard Mr Taylor threw a punch, which hit Wilson in the face. A second blow missed the defendant.

Mr Taylor ended up on the floor but the police arrived on the scene shortly afterwards. Wilson admitted to officers he had a meat cleaver and was arrested.

Interviewed later about the incident, Wilson admitted he had been out drinking with friends beforehand. He claimed he had rang Mr Taylor so he could look after the child. Wilson accused Mr Taylor of attacking him.

Wilson, of Cotton Mill Crescent, Chadderton, who pleaded guilty to possession of a bladed article and a public order offence, was imprisoned by Judge Sophie McKone.

The court heard Wilson had previous convictions for robbery, knife possession and arson.