THE golden locally-harvested honey from bee hives in the hills of Saddleworth is twice blessed...

Because two leading ministers add their own special touch to their produce, which has been tagged affectionately as “Holy Honey”.

Rev Dr Christopher Halliday was the Saddleworth team rector of Saddleworth for eight years until he retired he and currently helps out at St Mary in the Baum, Rochdale.

Ordained in 1985, he served in Ireland, the USA and now lives in Delph where his honey appears under the proud label of Yorkshire Honey.

He has been keeping bees for 40 years and moved his three hives from Lydgate Vicarage when he retired to a field he now shares with Rev Dr Mike Donmall.

Mike been part of the Saddleworth team for six years, mainly at Christ Church Friezland, which is holder the EcoChurch bronze award.

Rev Dr Christopher said proudly: “I collected 50 jars from my three hives — honey has exceptional natural properties.

“In additional to honey cake and topping for porridge, it can treat burns, sore throats and cuts.”

Rev Dr Mike, professor of health and society at the University of Manchester, is celebrating his third season as a beekeeper and this year harvested 75lbs from four hives with his honey called Peak Edge.

He declared: “Bees are superb for our environment and beekeeping is a great example of cooperation in the natural world - you could call it co-creation!

“Honey is liquid gold and we have it on our porridge and in a yummy honey and walnut cake.”