A COLOURFUL parrot who was found resting on the fourth floor windowsill of an apartment block in Oldham is being looked after by the RSPCA while the charity launches an appeal to find his owner.

When the family living in the apartment spotted the bird sitting outside of their window, they decided to open the window, whereupon the bird flew in and immediately settled on the shoulder of the father of the household.

They decided to contain him in their bathroom, and contacted the RSPCA for help.

RSPCA inspector Ryan King said: “This beautiful bird - a Blue-fronted Amazon parrot - was very friendly.

"It was clear he was used to being handled as with no encouragement, he flew directly onto my shoulder when I arrived.

"He must be an escaped pet as he is ringed, though we haven’t been able to identify his owner yet. I’m sure someone must be missing this lovely bird, so if you know anything please do contact our appeals line on 0300 123 8018.”

Every year, the RSPCA deals with hundreds of stray and abandoned psittacines (birds that belong to the parrot family including macaws and parakeets).

Sadly, the RSPCA often finds it extremely difficult to reunite these birds with their owners as many are not microchipped or ringed.

The RSPCA urges people to take steps to make sure their pet bird can be positively identified, with a microchip or closed ring.

It advocates the use of a parrot passport, which will facilitate identification of a bird, should it ever be lost and found.

The passport also contains advice for new owners to help keep their birds safe and secure. The RSPCA recommends reporting any lost, found or stolen pet birds to the Parrot Society UK “Reunite” register.

The RSPCA also recommends that captive birds are housed in an aviary where possible but, if kept in a cage, it is essential that bird owners allow opportunity for free flight daily by providing time outside the cage to carry out this natural behaviour.

Anyone letting a parrot have free flight within a house should ensure windows and doors are secured first, to prevent accidental escape.

Anyone interested in rehoming a rescued bird from the RSPCA can visit https://www.rspca.org.uk/findapet

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit our website or call our donation line on 0300 123 8181.