THE name of a new secondary school for Oldham has been revealed. The Brian Clarke Church of England Academy has launched its website, name and crest.

The school will be part of the Cranmer Education Trust, an education trust based at The Blue Coat School, Oldham. It is planned to open in the academic year 2022-23.

The new school will be an inclusive, co-educational, Church of England secondary school situated in the centre of Oldham, founded to serve students of all faiths and denominations and those of none.

Cranmer says it will "provide an excellent education to a student population that is aspirational, multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-talented - a community that is a true microcosm of the borough as a whole".

The new school is named after the Oldham-born, world renowned architect and artist Brian Clarke, who retains strong contacts with the town and has family here.

He is now an internationally known artist and architect who works primarily in stained glass.

Brian designed the artwork that is at the centre of the school crest - the spinning mill, an iconic symbol of Oldham. The mill symbolises industry, working hard, working together, and is suffused in light.

The school motto - luceat lux vestra – is a quote from the bible – Matthew 5:16 – and translates as “let your light shine”.

The trust says that by providing an additional 240 places per year, which are open to and easily accessible for young people over a wide area through the public transport network, The Brian Clarke Church of England Academy will provide parents with a new and different choice of a school in a high-achieving trust which has served the area for over 180 years.

Cranmer Education Trust chief executive Julie Hollis said: “The purpose of the Cranmer Education Trust is encapsulated in our mission statement: Ambition, excellence, community – our mission is to transform the life chances of children and young people through excellent education and outstanding schools and to nurture our pupils to become everything they can be and are meant to be.

"This is a mission we are passionate about, and we want more children in our area to take advantage of our vision.

"The Brian Clarke Church of England Academy is being founded to help meet the need for more secondary school places in the borough and to provide another good school, like The Blue Coat School, to increase parental choice.”