SALVATION Army captain Jonathan Pitts will hit the road soon in a bid to raise £10,000 to kick-start a project to provide living accommodation for homeless people.

Jonathan, who runs the Salvation Army facility at Roundthorn Road in Oldham, has been in training for weeks to get from being a non-runner to be able to run 10K - the equivalent of six miles.

The "10K for £10K" challenge will take place on Sunday, December 6 round Alexandra Park and Glodwick

It is hoped cash raised by his effort will enable the Roundthorn group will seed fund an application for government funding to build eight self-contained modular units, including bathrooms, kitchen and lounges to house marginalised people in society.

This would replicate the Salvation Army's Project Malachi, which began in Ilford, east London, and which is now being promoted across the UK.

Father-of-two Jonathan, 48, told The Oldham Times: "In August, I realised I wasn't very fit, so I started doing the the 'couch to 5K challenge.

"Then I thought that if I can get to 5K, there's no reason why I can't go on to 10K, to raise money for this excellent cause.

"The aim is to support people that live in this units to succeed and overcome the difficulties they face - to become part of the community - and for local people to embrace those who stay in the units.

"I have always been reasonably active, but never a runner. The last time I ran was at school, but the counch to 5K programme has got me going. I wanted to do something that wasn't easy, but I'm farily confident I can push myself from 5K to 10K.

"I'm up to 8K now, so I think I'll be able to do it."

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