An artist from Oldham has been named as one of three winners of an annual prize.

Connor Coulston, 28, whose work is a depressed ewer, inspired by a conversation with his mother about his hometown, landed the fifth Ingram Prize from a shortlist of 37.

The work concerns charity shops ornaments which moves from being pride of place in a family home to the bargain bucket at a local Oxfam.

He revealed the inspiration came from his mother’s battle with depression and while he had not set out to create it the way he ended up, emotions led him towards it.

The Royal College of Arts alumni said: “I didn’t intend on creating the piece when I was making the ewer. But the first signals of my mum’s depression were playing on my mind as I was going through the same feelings at the time.

“It felt like I was subconsciously putting these feelings and emotions into the piece and the clay knew how to respond.

“It kept slumping, unable to meet me halfway, and do what I wanted, to be the perfect ewer. Eventually I succumbed to the material and the process and stopped forcing the clay to be perfect but allowed it to react to my emotions at the time.”