COUNCIL bosses have clamped down on a barber who was using his home in Oldham as a business spot during the lockdown.

After a concerned member of the public raised the alarm, Oldham Council and police attended at a property on Ripponden Road.

They discovered people regularly coming and going and paying for haircuts, risking a spread of coronavirus.

There was an active business operating in the front room with two barber shop chairs and customers waiting to have their hair cut with no safety equipment being worn.

The owner was issued with a fine for breaching Covid-19 regulations.

Cllr Barbara Brownridge, neighbourhoods cabinet member said: "Lockdown has been really hard for businesses but the vast majority have stuck to the rules and we’re thankful for that. But the rules are in place to protect people and cannot be ignored.

“This barber, and his customers, were not only breaking the rules but also putting people at risk and this is not acceptable at this time."