TRAVELLERS destined for Europe once lockdown restrictions have lifted are being warned that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) has been replaced.

Now that Britain has left the EU the EHIC will no longer be valid once it expires and travellers will need to have a Global Health Insurance (GHIC) card in its place.

The GHIC, much like the EHIC, allows British tourists to access free, or heavily discounted treatment, in public hospitals should they fall ill and need medical attention while on holiday in the EU. The GHIC also covers any necessary medical treatment for existing conditions and routine maternity care if needed.

The government is yet to confirm which countries outside of the EU will also accept the GHIC card and holidaymakers are encouraged to check on the website that the country they are visiting is covered.

Brits who renewed their EHIC before the end of 2020 will be able to continue to use their EHIC until it expires.

All UK residents are eligible to apply for a GHIC card and applications are free. Any website that charges a fee for the application is fraudulent.

Applications can be done online via the official GHIC website, by calling the GHIC application service on 0300 330 1350, or by printing off the application form and sending it via post. Applications take between 7-10 days to process with post applications taking slightly longer.