AN Oldham man has confessed to a string of motoring offences and attacking the police officer who attempted to detain him.

Afzal Patel appeared in Tameside Magistrates’ Court yesterday to face a string of accusations about his conduct on Park Road, the King Street Roundabout and elsewhere in the town on October 13, 2019.

He confessed to driving a BMW without a licence and without insurance.

He also admitted that the tyre tread on the same vehicle was less than one millimetre in depth which is required by law.

On top of this he admitted that when Police Constable Hyde attempted to detain him in the course of his duty he assaulted him by resisting arrest.

The final offence which he admitted to was at the King Street Roundabout when he pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a traffic sign by going through a red light.

The 35-year-old spoke to plead guilty and to confirm his date of birth and his address as Briscoe Street in Oldham.

He was told his case would be adjourned for a report and to visit the probation team.

Magistrate Louise Williams continued the bail of Patel ahead of sentence for the five offences which will take place next month.