AN Oldham man who broke into his former partner's flat and attempted to suffocate her while she looked after their baby has been jailed for 45 months.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard how Kieran Palmer, 29, clambered into the woman's property through a balcony before telling her he was going to "annihilate" her.

Hunter Gray, prosecuting, said Palmer, of Spring Bank Street, has been in a "casual" relationship with his victim since 2016.

In September 2019, she fell pregnant and Palmer became "abusive and aggressive" and put pressure on her to terminate the pregnancy.

She told him the child was not his but later admitted it was but Palmer continued to challenge his paternity.

He began "bombarding" her with telephone calls and attended her address unannounced around 30 times.

On Saturday, November 7, she was asleep on the sofa with her baby at her home on Water Street, Radcliffe.

At around 8pm she awoke to find Palmer forcing his way in before he stood in front of her and told her to put the baby down so he could "annihilate" her.

She began to scream but Palmer told her to shut up and grabbed her by the jaw before pushing her face first into the sofa and cushions so she couldn't breath.

The victim said Palmer told her that his mother had died two days previously and that now the baby would be left without a mother as well.

After releasing his grip he demanded money saying she owed him £1,000 and said she had until the following Wednesday "to sort it out".

Palmer, who works as a plumber, then left and the woman was able to call the police, who arrested him on November 9.

Jon Close, defending, said Judge Mark Savill "would inevitably deal with far more serious cases of threats to kill".

But Judge Savill disagreed and said: "I certainly haven't in recent memory.

And addressing Palmer, who pleaded guilty to making a threat to kill, the hudge added: "It is hard to imagine a more terrifying experience than to be confronted with you having broken in through her balcony.

"You chose the word 'annihilate' to inject the maximum fear in her mind and you have brought havoc to her peace of mind."