The number of Covid cases in Oldham has risen daily but the weekly figure has begun to stabilise.

The latest data released by the Office of National Statistics shows that there were 103 cases recorded on Monday, which was up from 98 on Sunday.

The numbers mean the total number of positive tests over the last week stands at 893 which was a rise of 21.3% from the previous seven days.

However this figure was previously rising at close to 50%, meaning the rate of increase in Covid cases has slowed.

But the latest data also shows that across the country there were 404,955 positive tests which was up just 5.5% from the previous week, which means Oldham’s rate of increase is around four times the national average.

On top of this there were no deaths recorded on Monday, meaning that there were nine deaths over the past week which was down from 17 over the same period before this.

The recent data also showed that 2,286,572 people had been given their first dose of the vaccine, which means the UK is vaccinating at the fastest rate in Europe.

A reproduction rate of less than one is required to get an infection disease under control but the latest figures indicate that in the north west the number is believed to be between 1 and 1.4.

The UK was put into a fresh lockdown at the start of this month after a fresh strain of the virus was detected which scientists say had the capacity to increase the r rate by 0.4.

The new strain originated in Kent and was initially thought to be more prevalent in the south east and London.

While the rate of growth in cases in Oldham is still faster than the national average it has come down by almost half in the last few days meaning there is some sign the latest lockdown is taking effect.