A CHARITY group which contributed to 379 hampers benefitting 2,200 people over the festive period have been hailed by Oldham's main youth organisation.

In a letter to Saddleworth Rotary Club, Claire Crossfield, development manager of Mahdlo said it was inundated with requests for the hampers which were supported by other Rotary clubs, local businesses and individuals.

She said: “In addition to our members’ families, 19 local schools, eight partner organisations and statutory services referred families to receive the hampers. It was an eye opener as to how many young people and their families needed the support.

“We’ve received some very humbling feedback from organisations we supplied and families who received them.

“Some families who normally gave to charities over the festive period were so grateful to be on the receiving end. Some had been furloughed and others lost their jobs, having a game to wrap as a gift for their child and food in the cupboard meant so much to them."

Joanne Farnworth of the Co-op Academy Failsworth wrote: “There has been lots of gratitude and tears of joy.

"I know this must be a massive operation and hours of hard work for many people including the fundraisers, and I wanted you to know it is all worthwhile and very much appreciated.”

Claire added: “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and from every person you’ve kindly helped.”