HERE are some of the devastating images taken when Victoria Market set on fire.

The blaze ripped through the historic building back in 1974, leaving traders and the customers of the famous market in shock and devastation.

The massive fire could be seen for miles and it took firefighters all night to put out.

After it set on fire, the market hall was replaced by a temporary market building before construction work began on the new hall in the early 1990s.

The beautiful architecture of Victoria Market Hall was one of its main assets. It was built in 1908 to accompany the outdoor Tommyfield Market which was smaller in size.

Tommyfield Market is still a bustling centre of activity today with Oldhamers shopping for their essentials.

But where were you when Victoria Market burnt down?

When you heard the news that it had burnt down did you go up to town to have a look at the ruins? Did you take photos of the devastation left by the fire?

Here are some images provided by Made In Oldham founder, Christopher Loftus.

The Oldham Times: fire

BLAZE: Firefighters can be seen tackling the fire

The Oldham Times: Market

EXTERIOR: The beautiful architecture of Victoria Market Hall was one of its main assets

The Oldham Times: fire

AFTERMATH: The market ruins

The Oldham Times: Fire

BURNING: Firefighters spent all night and the following day making sure the fire was out

The Oldham Times: Fire

MEMORY: The fire left people in complete shock

Your memories of this market hall are part of the history of the town, we'd love you to share them with us. Which stalls do you remember?

Where did you buy meat and pies or clothes and shoes?

Who were the stall-holders you remember?

Which shops were on the outside of the building?