WOOLWORTHS, C&A, HMV and Littewoods are just some of the shops that have closed their doors over the years.

The rise in online shopping caused the fall in shoppers hitting the shops in the high street.

We asked some of you to share your memories.

Mandy Kaufmann said: "I miss Woolies! Always miss the Ashton Woolies also pick n steal! oops... I mean pick n mix!Lol!"

Gaynor Padgham said: "Mothers Tea Shop in the arcade was a great place to go."

Dee Troughton said: "I miss the memories of being a youngster, popping into town and to go shopping.

"My Saturday would consist of going to C&A with my grandma and looking around the market."

Kay Wild said: "I miss Hardcastles."

Freeda Gingham said: "For me I miss and remember Chelsea Girl/Etam and Dorothy Perkins. Also how can we forget Dixons and Rumbelows as well as a trip to WHSmith to buy yourself new stationery."

What shops do you miss? Let us know in the comments below or join in the discussion on our facebook group WE GREW UP IN OLDHAM.

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