An Oldham man who racially abused a member of staff at a supermarket and punched another has been given no official punishment and offered the chance to improve his behaviour.

Nicholas Randall entered the Asda Superstore in Shaw and began giving security officer Robert Walker verbal abuse.

The situation escalated and he shouted racial abuse at the man who came to try to calm him down and punched Mr Walker as he was escorted out of the property.

At Tameside Magistrates’ Court today he was due to go on trial but changed his plea at the last minute and admitted to assault and racially aggravated abuse on January 25 last year.

He had faced a further two charges of uttering threats but the prosecution declined to offer evidence for these.

Prosecutor Lina Tsui-Cheung revealed what happened.

She said: “The main complainant Robert Walker was walking as a security guard at the Asda store in Shaw in Oldham.

“He was working on January 25.

“He was subject to verbal abuse by this defendant.

“Mohammed Latif attended to see what was going on, when he arrived he attempted to calm the defendant down.”

She added that Randall had shouted racial abuse at Mr Latif and had punched Mr Walker as he was escorted out.

She also said his face had been left bruised from a single punch and when he was arrested he claimed it was self-defence.

Representing Randall, of Middleton Road in Royton, defence lawyer Ian Owen revealed his client had been undergoing mental health difficulties at the time of the incident.

He said: “In describing his version of events he was able to tell the officers he was suffering with psychosis, everything that had happened was something of a blur.”

He added that his client had never been in trouble other than for a caution for battery some 11-years ago, had not reoffended since the incident and had recently attended Parklands for two weeks to get help with his mental health.

He also asked for the 30-year-old to be given a conditional discharge so that he could be given the chance to stay out of trouble.

Magistrate Jo Hossle-Stundrig granted the request.

She said to Randall: “This would have been for 12 months but the racial aggravation will take it to 18 months.

“This means you are not being punished today for these offences but if commit any other offences in the next 18 months not only will they be dealt with but these offences will be taken into account.”

He was also ordered to pay £100 in compensation to Mr Walker.