FOR almost a year our worlds have been turned upside down.

There has been a pandemic which we thought we would never have to live through in our lifetime.

It's going to be hard coming out of the pandemic as people have adapted to their new way of life.

Some may even have anxiety about going out in the big wide world again.

I know that I myself as a 59 year old, will be worried about what will happen when lockdown ends.

I know that people will have had their injections but it is still a worrying time for many. I am sure that people will agree.

It will take a while to adapt to this new way of life because we have been locked down and adapted rather well.

I also worry about the future of our younger generation who have lost their education and parts of their lives that they will never get back.

What about the college and university graduates that have missed the special ceremonies? I feel sorry for these people who lost momentum.

What about those celebrating a milestone or wanting to have a big wedding? This is just a part of history that they will look back on and feel like they have been cheated.

Once lockdown ends will people be able to adapt to the new rules and will the police and services be able to cope with the drunken hooligans when coming out.

It will hit us all at once.

I am looking forward to a great British summer but part of me is a little apprehensive.

Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

Margaret Poole