THE work of a caring local artist who paints uplifting messages of love and hope has been set in stone by kind-hearted Oldham Council workers.

Rachel Fish from Greenfield has left her brightly coloured artwork on stones across the community.

And one with a simple message “Bee happy” has being thoughtfully captured and built into a dangerous wall undergoing repairs on Tunstead Lane.

Praising Oldham Council workers on social media, a post read: “Community spirit at its best. Well done workmen from Oldham Council. Repairs to dangerous wall on Tunstead Lane incorporating the much loved art work from Rachel Fish.

“Loved seeing Rachel's stones around Greenfield during Lockdown now we have a permanent reminder of her Community treasures.”

Rachel responded saying: “Thanks so much for liking them. I paint about 25 a night and replace the ones that people love and take.

“I am so pleased they are taken to good homes. I did some Easter ones the last few days ...happy hunting.”