PLUMMETING temperatures kept rogue barbecuers and fire starters in check at the troubled Dovestone Reservoir beauty spot over the Easter weekend.

However, hundreds of cars filled parking spaces at the overflowing car park and motorists continued to flout parking restrictions on the narrow roads surrounding the water.

Local green campaigner Brian Banawich posted on the Dovestone Community Facebook page: "Please note, Dovestone, Binn Green and all the surrounding lay-bys are full.

"Please park sensibly elsewhere and be mindful of residents driveways etc.

"Traffic wardens operate in the area and will ticket anyone found to be parking illegally."

Up to four marshals had their hands full trying to quell the number of vehicles being parked illegally.

They were only allowing cars in as and when spaces became available.

Water company United Utilities, which is responsible for the land, meanwhile posted images of a grass fire which ultimately turned out to be of blaze in the Holmfirth area of West Yorkshire.

UU posted on social media: "If you are visiting Dovestone this Easter, please ensure your visit is safe and responsible.

"Please don't take barbecues or start fires on our sites. Barbecues can very easily and quickly get out of hand, destroying wildlife, the environment and lives.

"Let's look after our green spaces and please don't spoil our beautiful North West for yourself and others."

On Saturday, there were reports of a three-vehicle collision near the main entrance to Dovestone on Holmfirth Road.

Action has been taken by residents groups bidding to protect the much-loved but over-visited beauty spot.

Most recently, Dr Andrew Taylor set up The Friends of Dovestone to harness public opinion and find a workable solution to problems bedevilling the Greenfield reservoir.

Last week, Dr Taylor told The Oldham Times: “The beautiful area has been heavily visited in recent times and more so during the restrictions on other activities and travel due to the Covid pandemic.

“There are unsustainable numbers who turn up whenever the weather is comfortable. But far worse is the rank disrespect shown by so many to the law, regulations, environment, local inhabitants, parking marshals and highway safety.

“The sum total of these anti-social behaviours is extreme.”

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham and Debbie Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, visited the area in August 2019 after an invitation from Dr Taylor and a long-running campaign in The Oldham Times highlighting issues.