THE Saddleworth Honey Company is creating a buzz around the area with its delicious and wholesome honey.

Locals are ‘going mad’ for the organic sweet treat and the products that are also being handmade by husband and wife duo Lyndsay and Jonathan, who are based in Springhead.

The company launched in 2020 and the honey has been in huge demand.

Jonathan said: “When we went in to lockdown sales went through the roof. People wanted to shop local and we had lots of orders.

“The honey is made in different locations across Saddleworth to give it a different taste.

Jonathan said: “There is a difference in taste in the honey that is made in Greenfield than there is in the honey that is made in Springhead. The taste is based on the environment, the flowers and the seasonality.”

As well as selling the sweet honey and other products including a soothing balm for dogs’ paws and noses, wax candles and soaps, the company offers education on the importance of bees.

The Saddleworth Honey company currently has six hives located at Oldham College.

This enables the students to have a master bee keeper training session in the 'Science of Bee Keeping' on Wednesday afternoons.

Jonathan said: “We love eduction and we love teaching people on the importance of bees. We work closely with the principal and the college and it has been really well received.”

The company currently has over one hundred hives dotted over Saddleworth to produce ample amounts for people in the area and further afield.

Jonathan also said that people prefer local honey as it's not manufactured and watered down like some that are sold in supermarkets.

He said: “We don’t blend anything it is one hundred per cent pure produce, most supermarkets add sugar and water to reduce the quality and the price. We do not do that.”

Jonathan also said that if people in the area would like to keep bees and have land to spare then contact him on 07712 217516.